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Steering And Suspension


  • Steering Gear

  • Steering Racks

  • Power Steering Pump

  • Shocks/Shock Mountings

  • Stabilizer Links/Control Arms

  • Tie Rod Ends/Rack Ends

  • Wheel bearings


  • Master Cylinder/Brake Booster

  • Brake Discs/Brake Pads/Sensors

  • Lines,/Hoses/Fittings

  • Brake Calipers

  • Wheel Cylinders

  • Hubs

  • Handbrake operation and cables

   Engine Cooling System

  • Pressure Tests

  • Waterpump

  • Thermostat

  • Radiator

  • Coolant/Anti-freeze 

  • Coolant Hoses

     Engine Overhaul 

  • Engine Performance

  • Valve Stem Seals

  • Cylinder Head 

  • Crankshaft

  • Block

  • Engineering

    General Inspection

  • Window Wipers

  • Window Washers

  • Lights

  • Seatbelts

  • Glass/Mirrors

  • Handbrakes


  • Wiring Harness

  • Battery

  • Sensors/Fuses

  • Alternator/Starter


  • Engine Oil

  • Transmission Oil

  • Power Steering Fluid

  • Gearbox Oil

  • Differential(s) Oil

  • Washer Fluid

  • Inspect for leaks

   Fuel & Exhaust

  • Exhaust Manifold

  • Exhaust Pipes

  • Muffler

  • Converter

  • Resonator

  • Hanger/Brackets

  • Fuel Tank/Fuel Pipes

  Transmission & Drive Line

  • Transmission Faults

  • Inspect CV boots/Clamps

  • Leaks at Transaxle

  • U-joints

  • Extension Housing Seal

 Autobody Panel Beating Services


Here  at Aktiv  Cooper M  Autobody we pride ourselves  in  our outstanding  service  and  workmanship.  We settle  for  nothing less than the  absolute best for  ours  clients. We want to  ensure  lifelong   friendships  long after  the  vehicle  has gone. When we say  service  we  mean complete  and personalized service. All you need to  do to  leave  your  vehicle  in  ours capable  hands  and we will make  sure  you  get it  back better  than new. We give our clients peace of mind with all warranties in place  

Towing Service 

We  Also  provide  a  Towing  Service  all  Around  Johannesburg . Please  Give  us  a   call  if you  need any towing  Service 

Professional & Reliable Team of Experts

Insurance Liaison 

Insurance  Quotation

Damage Reports

Panel Beating

Auto Body  Repair

Major Structural Repairs 

Chassis Straightening

Dent and Scratch  Repairs

Bumper Repairs

Mag Wheel Repairs

Hail Damages Repairs 

Car  Respray


Car  Restoration


Accident  Towing

Quotation done at Aktiv Cooper M,  instant  with your  insurance. 

Vehicle  Collection: We collect  and drop off your car for your  Convenience. 

Insurance  Liaison:  We  do  all the  negotiations with your  insurance , so you  don't  have to 

State of the Art Equipment

Here at  Aktiv Cooper  M   Auto  body panel beaters  we  believe  in  innovation  therefore we are equipped  with the  latest  panel beating  repairs  systems such  computerized electronic  chassis straightening  machine, environmentally friendly water  borne spray  painting ,   booths, dry flatting and  major structural repair equipment. With technology  changing so rapidly , our staff continuously  undergo training , so  your  vehicle  can get the  best repairs. 


Do I have the right  to select  my  proffered  repaired-if  my vehicle is Insured  or  Under Warranty.

Yes! As  per  Competition Commission Ruling effective 1 July 2021 Insurers and vehicle Manufacturers are    now  obligated  to allow  consumers  to repair their  vehicle  at an  ISP  of  their  choice regardless if it is  Insured or  under  warranty. 

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